Canadian Centre for Certificates

Canadian Centre for Certificates
The Canadian-Center-for-Certificates seeks to generate a culture of integral and human-centric management and recognition of professional skills;
this will allow companies and candidates for certifications -from any economic sector- to achieve business and work objectives in a fair, efficient and effective way.

By recognizing and certifying the specialties and concentrations of their professionals, that already developed them over years of work, it is created a
culture of greater efficiency, dignity and job satisfaction.

Our Center connects an extensive network of professors, PhDs, MBA's, entrepreneurs and experts in North America and internationally. 

We believe that all work related experience can and should be certified and recognized, especially when
exceed the curricula of regular trainings of universities and institutes of higher education.
We also believe that companies can be also certified as Promoters of Work Satisfaction
and Recognition of Competencies.

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