Canadian Summer Day Camp

Canadian Summer Day Camp

In SEA Inc., we want to help in the development of people for a global world, where bilingualism and soft skills are essentials and give to the today children the access to information. In that aim, we offer this program for children of 7 to 13 years old.

Our goal is to contribute to the improve of their bilingualism in the best and significative context, where english es the most important language in the social interaction and learning; not just in the development of soft skills, but in the improvement of a fluid verbal communication.

Likewise, we aim to improve the interpersonal and intercultural habilities using an approved international program. This significative experience of Northamerican cultural inmersion will take place between 4th and 15th of february 2019.

We offer

An intense experience of Northamerican cultural inmersion through a summer camp entirely in English. In this opportunity, we’ll work with Villa Caritas and San Pedro schools, whose huge campus hace more than 60 hectares.

The coaches and trainers will be Canadian natives with extensive experience in camps in North America. They will be in charge of the dictation of courses and science, as well as of the sports activities, development of competitions and entertainment of the children. Always using only English as a language of interaction and learning.

The total price of the camp is $800US. These can be paid in monthly dues in December: $ 300US and January: $ 500US.

For more information, please contact us:

– Program director: Geraldine Delta.
– Mail:

If you are interested, register your child in the registration form above and make the payment to the following account numbers:

Savings Account Dollars BCP: 139-0172921 / CCI: 00903821139017292119.

We hope to live together this great adventure of cultural immersion!

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