Solidarity Experiences Abroad (SEA) is a unique, short-term, international experiential learning opportunity for students to travel and explore the realms of social justice by connecting career objectives to a series of volunteering activities and community development projects.

Our program allows students and professionals to explore solidarity and culture. Participants receive a hands-on experience by supporting a range of health campaigns, educational workshops, entrepreneurship workshops, ecological and construction or renovation projects. They work alongside, and in solidarity, with local community leaders, grass-root foundations and other local university students. Through their work, language classes, outings and lectures, participants are encouraged to engage with local communities to experience the diversity of our world’s unique cultures. During their time abroad, each SEA participant will learn the power of working together, and discover the possibilities of making an impact in the world using the skills they have learned at in their career.

Since the inception in Canada SEA in 2004, over 2,500 participants from 16 different Canadian universities have made the decision to engage in this innovative program to South America and Africa. Approximately six trips are run each year over the summer holidays and reading weeks to various destinations including Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa and Angola.

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